• Algona Real Estate Agencies

    Farm and Home Services:  515-295-2401

    Landmark Realty:  515-295-7577

    Algona Rental Properties

    Algona Lofts:  515-512-5131

    Anne Rentals:  515-341-0390 hakohlhaas@gmail.com

    Baade Rentals:  515-341-5915

    Berte Rentals:  515-924-3697

    Clegg Real Estate & Rental, Wayne Clegg:  515-341-4555

    Davis Properties:  515-295-2117 or 515-320-3020

    Eastland Park Senior Apartments:  515-295-7797 or 515-320-3912

    HJK, Karl/Jodie Helgevold:  515-851-0602 or 515-851-1344

    John and Carol Hjelmeland:  515-295-7286

    Todd and Julie Herbst-Ulmer:  515-295-5954 or 515-341-0805

    Hunt Rental, Manger-Beth:  515-395-6101 or 515-341-3550

    John and Judy Jennings:  515-295-7102

    Todd Louwagie:  515-295-3256

    Maple Park:  515-295-5174

    Murphy Management:  515-295-2927

    TLC Properties, Brian Thul:  515-884-0022

    Weaver Properties:  515-295-9227 or 515-341-0104 www.buildingsvcsgroup.com




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  • Welcome to the Algona Area Chamber of Commerce. We appreciate your inquiry into our membership. We feel that you can grow by joining our Chamber. As a new member there is a three tiered price structure. The first year it is 1/2 price of your appropriate category. The second year is 75% of that category. And the third year is the full amount of that category. Any business outside the "50511" zip code is 1/2 of the amount listed in the appropriate category. The Chamber Challenge to make the Algona Area a better place to do business and to live. Based on the Fair Share Investments Schedule, you would agree to commit to the 3 year tiered investment. Once your application is complete, we will be in touch with you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us, 515-295-7201. We are here to help you and get involved with the Algona Area Chamber of Commerce and our community.
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